Making a Difference

Lithia dealerships live our core value to Take Personal Ownership by continuously looking for ways to improve their sustainability practices and their communities. What follows are just a few examples of those efforts.

Subaru Eco-Friendly Dealerships

Six of our Subaru dealerships — Reno Subaru, Great Falls Subaru, Subaru of Spokane, Diablo Subaru of Walnut Creek, Carbone Subaru of Utica, and Carbone Subaru of Troy — have taken the initiative to qualify for The Subaru Eco-Friendly Retailer Program. This is a voluntary program designed for retailers who want to make a positive impact on their communities and local environment.

The program focuses on five key areas:

• Energy Efficiency
• Water Conservation
• Recycling
• Waste Management
• Community Involvement


Honda Acura Environmental Leadership Program

Thirteen of our Honda and Acura dealerships have earned the Honda or Acura Environmental Leadership Award for their efforts to reduce the environmental impacts of their dealerships. These dealerships have implemented several environmental best practices such as proper building envelope insulation to minimize heat gain and loss, energy-efficient HVAC systems, energy-efficient interior and exterior lighting, designated recycling areas, water-efficient systems and more.


A Leader in Environmental Education

Lithia Motors recognizes we are in a position to make influential, positive changes. As a leader in the automotive industry in sustainable practices, we are driven to increase public awareness regarding the benefits of electric vehicles and hybrids. Our exciting, new GreenCars initiatives fuel our goal of encouraging consumers to pursue and explore planet-conscious transportation solutions.


The GreenCars Mission

We exist to accelerate the EV revolution by facilitating the adoption of electric and hybrid cars through passionate advocacy, tailored education, and a radically simple buying experience.

Our GreenKids Earth Day Program

In 2020, we initiated our upcoming GreenKids Program, which will launch on Earth Day 2021. This model program will partner select Lithia dealerships in various locations in California, New Jersey, Oregon, and Washington State with local high schools to educate teens on the positive environmental impact of eco- friendly vehicles.

We will engage students using a creative, innovative video and other educational materials—and for some teens, a hands-on experience driving an electric vehicle (EV) or green car. On certain dates and locations, the program will also plant a tree for every test drive of an EV. The program’s scope will only accelerate as we continue to offer GreenKids partnerships throughout our national retail network.