LED Lighting, Solar & Recycling

LED & Solar Investments

Lithia Motors has invested nearly $10 million in LED lighting and solar projects since 2011, resulting in benefits to both the environment and our stakeholders. This effort has reduced our greenhouse gas emissions by over 54,000 MT CO2e. This is equivalent to the energy used by over 6,000 homes in one year. This figure is a very conservative estimate, as it only includes one-off LED and solar projects. It does not include savings from over 60 locations that received LED lighting upgrades during a remodel or new build.

Lithia Motors received the Big Shine Energy SAAZ Award 2020 for our efforts in LED lighting upgrades. Currently, 55% of our locations have interior LED lighting and 64% have exterior LED lighting. We are proud to report that all current and future dealership renovations will include LED lighting upgrades. We plan to continue to invest an estimated $1 million each year in energy-efficient lighting projects.


  • Over 77 Million kWh of electricity saved since 2011

Recycling & Waste Management

Many of our locations have implemented and committed to extensive recycling programs, thus living the core value to Take Personal Ownership. Our dealerships have developed creative ways to reduce and recycle waste, such as recycling used engine oil for in-house fuel heaters. Many of our locations throughout North Dakota, Alaska, Montana, Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Texas are generating over half of their annual heat from used engine oil. This effort offsets energy costs while recycling an otherwise wasted product.

Most of our locations are also recycling used antifreeze, lead acid batteries, metal scraps, used tires, paper waste and many other waste streams produced at the dealerships that would otherwise end up in a landfill. We will continue to develop practices and programs to recycle and reduce our waste streams.